2014 Honda Mobilio

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Honda’s first MPV in India has been awaited quite a lot and with good reason. The Japanese car maker’s forte is reliable vehicles with oodles of space and a good feature list. The Mobilio is another page out of the same book and Honda has finally given the car consumers in India another option in the booming MPV segment in the country. And from what we’ve seen, the Mobilio could definitely kick things up a notch.


One would think that a large, 7-seater MPV like the Mobilio is mind-numbingly boring to drive but, in fact, you will see that it is the exact opposite of that if you’re driving the petrol-powered version. The car is surprisingly fun to drive and its 1.5 litre, 4 cylinder petrol engine that produces 117 bhp is extremely rev happy. However, it does feel less powerful while driving around in slow moving city traffic and one has to work a bit harder to control it at the lower end of the rev range. The 1.5 litre, 4 cylinder diesel engine is the same unit that drives the Amaze and City diesels. This engine puts out 98.6 bhp and does the job of powering the Mobilio very well indeed. There isn’t a lot of turbo lag and performs better than its petrol counterpart in city traffic. The Mobilio has a good suspension setup that provides good stability and a more than reasonable level of comfort, especially at higher speeds. The ground clearance is high enough to tackle most of India’s speed bumps without scraping the bottom of the car off.


The Honda Mobilio does everything that the car was designed to do very well. Yes, there are issues like a not so comfortable third row of seats and some materials that aren’t good quality; but, where it’s important, the Mobilio does not disappoint. It has got good engines, spacious interiors, lots of luggage space, good features and smart looks. For a car that combines all these aspects, success won’t be a difficult thing to achieve at all.